Can I stop my husband claiming half my pension in divorce proceedings?

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Can I stop my husband claiming half my pension

Hi, I have been married 32 years and my husband has always been extremely irresponsible with money. He does pay £1000 per month into a joint account but other than that pays nothing into the family pot. He has a reliable but not not well job and spends far above his income. Three times in the past we have remortgaged the home to release cash to pay his debts. I earn more than him and pay for all luxuries or extras including the family car. He has, yet again, maxed out his credit cards so is looking for me to help. I have no issue with him choosing to stay in low paid work, but I do expect him to live within his means and not to expect me to subsidise a lifestyle that he can’t afford. He has always refused to pay into a pension saying he can’t afford it, preferring to spend on bikes and other expensive hobbies. I have spent my whole life saving and planning for a good retirement which his uncontrolled spending is putting into jeopardy, however, if I divorce him, he will presumably be entitled to half my pension anyway? Is there anyway I can protect my pension that I have worked so hard for?

Gennie at 24.10.2021 7:03:32

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