Can I move out of country during divorce process in UK if Indian citizen?

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Can I move out of country during divorce process in UK

Hello, I am 32yr old Indian, married in Jan 2021 in the UK. My partner is on Tier-2 visa and I am on dependent visa. Due to various reasons I have decided to file a divorce in 1st week of Jan 2022, exactly one year after our marriage. I have a job offer in Canada and I am asked to join in Feb 2022. As I hold Canada PR, I can work in Canada. Now my question is: Can I move out of country while the divorce process is going on in the UK court? If I move to Canada, am I expected to travel to UK during court proceedings? During the divorce process, can I still use dependent visa to travel in and out of UK, if required? What options do I have and how does it work?

Any help and guidance from you will be of great help. Many thanks.

Thanks, Satya

Satya at 27.12.2021 2:19:17

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