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How to divorce

If you read nothing else about divorce, we urge you to read our top tips below. Applying our divorce tips will help ensure you get an amicable divorce for you and your family. There are three parts to a divorce if you have children and two if you don't:

Financial arrangements

Childcare arrangements

6 tips on how to achieve an amicable divorce

1. Your separation or divorce will be slower if you rush your partner
2. Negotiate from a position of knowledge not emotion
3. Create a timeframe with your partner and stick to it
4. You need to know what you've got in order to divide it
5. Don't rush off to a solicitor
6. Divorce is about the future not the past – focus on your future apart


When you prepare you feel happier and more confident about the way forward. This knowledge helps you manage fear, uncertainty and emotions. As a result you limit the damage to you, your partner and most importantly, your kids. Finally, it gives you back control at a time when you need it most.

We hope you find these divorce tips useful, for more information please contact us.

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