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No-asset Clean Break Order

No-asset Clean Break Order

If you and your partner decide to separate and have children, you’ll need to make arrangements for them, such as where they will live and how you will parent moving forwards.

If you’re married, you’ll also need to go through the legal steps necessary to get divorced. A divorce doesn’t end your financial relationship with each other, only a clean break in a financial order will. If you both agree it’s called a consent order.

A consent order is a legally binding document that protects you both from future claims against each other. This service is the right option for you if you both agree and if there are no assets on either side and you have no shared finances.

If you buy property in the future, build up a pension or savings, inherit or win the lottery, your ex can make claims against these things. Having a clean break order will protect any future assets you may receive.

Our No-asset Clean Break Order Service is the right service you are in total agreement over your finances and you both want a legally binding consent order ending future claims (a clean break).

£300 (total cost)


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How it works

  • Book an initial free 15-minute consultation to understand whether the amicable process is the best option for you and your partner
  • If you need more time you can purchase a one-hour consultation to explore your options
  • Get started and sign up to access your amicable dashboard
  • Meet your Divorce Specialist who will guide you through the process

What's included in the service?

  •  Divorce Specialist - Your own dedicated Divorce Specialist to answer your questions, guide you through the process and conduct your sessions
  •  The ‘legal bit’ - We prepare your clean break consent order financial agreements to the court
  •  The court process - We manage the court process on your behalf


You will both need to provide a snapshot of your current financial position if you purchase this service and be in agreement. If you're not sure please explore our other services .