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About us

What makes amicable unique?


amicable technology simplifies separation so you can agree your parenting plans, finances and plan your future

#### FAIRER Our intuitive app and coaching approach help you prepare for separation, set goals for the future and communicate effectively to reach fairer agreements


Minimising unnecessary disputes and lawyer time, helping you both save money and have certainty around the cost of your separation

Social purpose

amicable exists to help separating couples achieve better outcomes for their families. Too many families emerge from divorce damaged and scarred. We can’t prevent divorce, but we think it is a sad event not a bad event, with the focus being on people being able to move on successfully with their lives.

We use technology to help couples divorce faster and tools and support to achieve fairer outcomes. Our service will evolve over time based on the needs of divorcing families.

amicable will reduce the strangle-hold of the legal profession and improve the human experience. As a result reducing the cost to the individual, families and society as a whole.

About the founders of amicable

amicable exists to help separating couples create better outcomes for their families. By reducing the stranglehold of the legal profession, we can reduce the costs to individuals, families and society as a whole.

We created amicable after Kate’s traumatic and expensive divorce. The cost and the emotional damage of involving lawyers was a huge shock. The world needed a solution that put families first and helped parents remain on good terms…our solution is amicable.

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