Talking to Children About Separation or Divorce Consultation

As parents, if our relationship with our partner breaks down, our most pressing concern is usually for our children. Knowing what to say and when in the early stages of a separation or divorce can be hard. You want to protect your kids, but they also need to know that you’re separating.

That’s where amicable can help. If you want to understand how what you say affects your children, whether they are preschoolers or sixth-formers, learn how to manage emotions so they don’t impact your kids and make a plan for telling them you’re separating then this 60-minute co-parenting session on talking to your children about divorce will help you.

The session takes place using video conferencing or by telephone.

Total cost
£210 Including VAT

One payment of £210 including VAT per couple

How it works

  • Click on the button above to choose a time for your one-hour session
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  • The meeting will take place via Teams, and you will be sent details on how to join the session
  • Meet your Co-parenting Specialist
  • If you choose to upgrade to one of our negotiation services, we will refund the cost of this initial session

What's covered in your sessions?


What's included in the service?



What is amicable?

We’re an online legal service for divorcing and separating couples. Our specialists help couples get divorced, reach an agreement over their finances and agree on arrangements for their children, without needing to use solicitors.

How is amicable different to solicitors and mediation?

We’re different to solicitors because we work with couples together. We also offer fixed and transparent fees that include VAT and enable couples to spread their payments over several months with our flexible payment plans. We’re more comprehensive than mediation because we also prepare couples' legal documents and manage the court process. Our specialists are trained in helping couples navigate the legal and emotional journey of divorce and separation.

What is the divorce process and how long does it take?

Divorces take a minimum of 7 months to be completed due to the mandatory reflection periods. There are several stages to the divorce process and you can start your divorce yourself through, or we have services where this is included. Read more about the divorce process reflection periods. There are several stages to the divorce process and you can start your divorce yourself through here.

How much does it cost to get divorced?

If you start your divorce yourself through, you will need to pay the government court fee, which is £593. Use our court fees calculator to explore whether you might be eligible for a discount on the court fees. We offer services which include help with the divorce process and getting your financial arrangements made legally binding.

How do I sort out my money and property?

If you and your ex-partner are able to reach an agreement over how to divide any money, property, pensions and debt you can have this documented and made legally binding in a consent order. We help couples reach an agreement and we can prepare consent orders and manage the court process.

I’ve already started my divorce, can you still help?

If you’ve already started your divorce through the government website, we can help you agree on your financial arrangements and prepare your consent order which outlines this to the court and is made legally binding once approved by a judge.

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