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Premium Plus Negotiation Service

Premium Plus Negotiation Service

If you and your partner decide to separate you’ll need to work out how you plan on dividing your finances; such as any money, property, pensions and debt.

If you have children, you’ll need to make arrangements for them, such as where they will live and how you will parent moving forwards.

You’ll also need to go through the legal steps necessary to get divorced and make your financial arrangements legally binding.

Our Premium Plus Negotiation Service is designed to help couples to navigate the emotional and legal journey of separating. It’s the right option for you if you’ve already started your divorce and need help agreeing how to separate your finances if you have more than one property or assets over £2m or a business to divide/discuss.



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How it works

  • Book an initial free 15-minute consultation to understand whether the amicable process is the best option for you and your partner
  • If you need more time you can purchase a one-hour consultation to explore your options
  • Get started and sign up to access your amicable dashboard
  • Meet your Divorce Specialist who will guide you through the process and facilitate your negotiation sessions

What's covered in your sessions?

  •  Goals - You agree on joint and individual goals in your initial session

  •  Financial disclosure - You explore the reality of your financial situation

  •  Options - You discuss your options based on your financial position

  •  Negotiation - You decide and agree on your settlement with the help of your Divorce Specialist

  •  Children and pets - You can also use these sessions to agree on arrangements for your children and pets helping you to transition from parents to co-parents

What's included in the service?

  •  Divorce Specialist - Your own dedicated Divorce Specialist to answer your questions, guide you through the process and conduct your sessions
  •  Sessions - Up to six one-hour negotiation sessions to help you and your partner agree on how to separate your finances and make arrangements for your children

  •  Specialist support and introductions - For complex assets, we are able to offer introductions to other specialists such as pensions, financial or tax experts where appropriate and will help you to integrate their advice into the legal framework of divorce

  •  The ‘legal bit’ - We prepare your consent order which outlines your financial agreements to the court

  •  The court process - We manage the court process on your behalf

  •  Emotional guidance - Support with the emotional journey and the transition from parents to co-parents if you have children


You don’t need to use all your sessions, however, we don’t refund unused time or sessions