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Parenting plan e-book

amicable's Parenting Plan Download the e-book below for £5 (includes VAT)

Excellent 9.7 out of 10

amicable's Parenting Plan e-book is designed to help couples navigate the journey from parenting to co-parenting as they separate or divorce.

We know the very beginning of a divorce or separation can be overwhelming. This guide will help you make arrangements to ensure your children are cared for, happy and able to thrive.

If you would like a co-parenting coaching session to discuss any aspect of separated parenting, please get in touch. Or book in for a free 15-minute advice call by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Parenting goals
  • Living arrangements
  • Holidays and special occasions
  • Health
  • Education
  • Child maintenance
  • Values, beliefs and behaviour
  • Communication
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