Parenting Contract

Parenting Contract

amicable’s Parenting Contract Service

amicable's parenting contract ensures your children arrangements are discussed, agreed and documented with the help of one of amicable’s Co-parenting Specialist. The parenting contract gives you complete peace of mind knowing that every aspect of co-parenting has been addressed, and that your co-parenting relationship with your partner has been considered. At the end of the session you will be emailed your co-parenting contract to sign. You can also get help and guidance on how to best use the amicable co-parenting app. This service is right for you if you have children and you are separating or have separated.

£420 (total cost)


"Excellent 4.9 / 5” Trustpilot Score


Why amicable?

  • amicable is one of the UK's most trusted divorce services
  • Around four times cheaper than using lawyers to sort out your divorce and finances
  • Unique approach as we work with both people
  • A dedicated Specialist will support you both from start to finish
  • Flexible payment plans and fixed fees
  • Access to in-house expertise on divorce, separation, financial negotiations and co-parenting
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Free tools and resources to help you move on with your lives