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Customer stories

Tanya, Mum of Two, London

Tanya, Mum of Two
Tanya, Mum of Two

I’d known in my heart for a while that divorce was on the cards. The trouble was, I just couldn’t bring myself to take the first step. I didn’t want to regret not trying everything to make it work… I was confused and scared. I knew if I said anything, my husband was likely to lawyer-up and I’d be out-gunned as I couldn’t afford to spend lots of money. I needed help and then a friend recommended amicable.

I looked at their website and immediately I could see this was a totally different way to handle things. It talked about the children being the most important thing, and looked pragmatic; a smart negotiation process that I thought might appeal to my ex, but with the personal support I knew I would need to get me through this. I was sure this would work… trouble was how to convince my husband. After I’d called, a divorce coach spoke to my husband too and explained everything to him which was great because it didn’t have to come from me.

Kate was our Divorce Coach. She worked with both of us, helping us through the divorce, and presented lots of options for sorting out the childcare and financial arrangements. Kate focused on setting goals for the future which made us prioritize the right things. It wasn’t about what I wanted or he wanted, it was about making sure the family got what it needed to be functional and happier.I never imagined the process would go as well as it did. I was amazed at how well Kate engaged my ex who was initially sceptical about using amicable.

Now we’re divorced, I feel positive about the future. I was worried about my ex and how he’d react when it was all over. But amazingly, we’rg etting on better now than we have in years. Kate helped us get to a place where, we’re friends and, most importantly, good co-parents to our children. I’m extraordinarily grateful to Kate and to amicable and so very proud of myself, my ex and my kids.

Laura, Mum of Two, Derby

Laura, Mum of Two
Tanya, Mum of Two

Once we’d made the decision to end our marriage, we just wanted to get it done. We weren’t out to ‘get’ each other and had agreed between us how we’d split things and care for our children. So, it really was just making it official in the easiest way possible.

I’d spoken to a divorce lawyer but got the impression that they couldn’t give us a definitive number on how much it was going to cost. Speaking to friends, I’d heard lots of horror stories about going through lawyers and the spiraling costs involved. I didn’t want us to be in the position where we were getting letters through from a lawyer billing us for more hours as they unpicked what we’d agreed. So, the fact the cost of amicable’s services are fixed priced was a big thing for us. The transparency of cost removed some of the stress from an already unknown situation.

amicable was fantastic, we both lead hectic lifestyles and neither have a lot of time. amicable allowed us to get divorced without any fuss, relentless form filling or time-consuming meetings. We’d also chosen the amicable approach because it allowed us to have one point of contact throughout, who was working in both our interests. We didn’t want lawyers telling us we could be getting more out of each other. Emma, our Divorce Coach removed any potential cattiness and animosity. She was always available to answer any questions we had. The whole thing was seamless, simple and dealt with in a very calm and controlled way.

Now that the divorce is official, I’m so pleased we’re both able to move on positively with our lives. If I can offer any advice for couples starting their divorce it would be to work out what you want to achieve when your divorce is over. Don’t get stuck on what your ‘entitled to’ but think about the future and how family assets can be best put to use to create a happy stable life for your children.

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