Behaviour statement writing service

The service no-longer exists

No-fault divorce has been introduced in England & Wales

No-fault divorce has been introduced in England and Wales which means you no-longer need to give the court a reason such as 'unreasonable behaviour' to explain your marriage has ended. You can find out more about the change in law to No-fault divorce in our guide.

What do you need to start your amicable divorce?

We have lots of different services to help couples to divorce, separate and co-parent amicably. Please book a free 15-minute call if you have any questions or would like some general advice and support.

  • Your marriage certificate
  • An address for your ex
  • To have lived in England or Wales for at least six months

Why amicable?

  • amicable is the UK's most trusted divorce service (source Trustpilot)
  • Around four times cheaper than using lawyers to sort out your divorce and finances
  • Unique approach as we work with both people
  • A dedicated expert will support you both from start to finish
  • Award winning service and top 100 UK start up
  • Our digital service means there's no need to waste your time with face to face meetings
  • Access to in-house expertise on divorce, separation, financial negotiations and co-parenting
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Free tools and resources to help you move on with your lives
  • Flexible payment plans and fixed fees