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(Full) Assisted Separation Agreement Service

amicable's '(Full) Assisted Separation Agreement' service is designed to help cohabiting couples or couples who wish to separate before they divorce with dividing their finances and/or sorting out childcare arrangements. The service includes a separation agreement, it's important to note that separation agreements are not automatically enforceable by the courts. For more information on this please speak to one of our experts


Total Fee for both people Click to view other payment plan options
Excellent 4.9 / 5


What’s included in the service?

x2 one hour sessions plus telephone support from a coach throughout
Negotiation support for splitting your finances
Co-parenting support to help you transition from parents to co-parents
A complete Separation Agreement
Payment plan options


What’s not included in the service?

Implementation of the separation agreement e.g. transferring an interest in property
Tax or financial advice
Support on cases that have complex assets such as a foreign property, Trusts or deferred income or bonus issues - please use our premium plus service
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Why amicable?

  • Around four times cheaper than using lawyers to sort out your divorce and finances
  • Unique approach as we work with both people
  • A dedicated expert will support you both from start to finish
  • Award winning service and top 100 UK start up
  • Flexible payment plans and fixed fees
  • Our digital service means there's no need to waste your time with face to face meetings
  • Access to in-house expertise on divorce, separation, financial negotiations and co-parenting
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Free tools and resources to help you move on with your lives