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Why exclude details of financial settlement as agreed between parties?

My X and I have amicably agreed between us the details of the financial settlement . Briefly it reflects the cohabitation agreement which was signed before we got married and an agreement that he can return to the property to use all the outdoor buildings (he does carpentry in his spare time) and that I will add a codicil to my will leaving him 10% of the value of my estate. However my solicitor does not want to include these details when sending in all the financial documents to the court. I can’t understand the reason to exclude anything . My ex and I are both concerned that the judge may look at the details of financial agreement and think on the face of it that it is very unfair ( I get to keep all the house and ex has no claim on it – I am paralysed and the house was bought out of my compensation settlement &adapted to suit my needs ).


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