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Whether to move out of family home

My husband and I have agreed to divorce and will be aiming to sell he family house, which will be split 50/50. We both work fulltime and earn similar salaries. In the short term I could afford to rent a small house in order to make things easier than having to live together while we sort out the divorce and selling the main house. Is there a risk that if we ended up in a dispute (which we are trying to avoid), it would be deemed that I can afford to rent a separate house so he should stay in the main house with the children? Or can we put an agreement in place that I will do this for a limited time but that it shouldn't affect our long-term financial resolution? Thanks.


    Hi Anon, it's difficult to comment on financial matters when we do not have information on the full picture. If you'd like further support, please book a call with one of our divorce coaches here.

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