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I need help with alternatives to court

Please can you help? I have been trying to move forward with my divorce for over a year now, my husband refuses to engage in the conversation regarding a financial settlement and we have already spent a lot of money on lawyers. I really don’t want to end up in court but it feels like that is the only option. Do i have any other things i can try


    You are in a difficult position as if one person is refusing to enter into the discussions it can be hard to reach a conclusion. Court may be your only option as they have the power to force your husband to be involved.

    There is one alternative to going to court which is arbitration. Arbitration is a recognised alternative and much cheaper and quicker. Your arbitrator will listen to all the facts and make a final decision about your finances and future parenting arrangements. Just like a court ruling, an arbitrator’s decision is legally binding. For this to be an option, however, your husband would need to be involved in the arbitration & recognise that this would give a cheaper and quicker resolution to you both.

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