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Very short marriage…..likely divorce outcome?

Will try and keep this short!
Married Oct last year.
Marriage ended after 6 weeks, he moved out straight away to his dads.
He moved into his own flat (rented) approx 2 months later.
I have recently discovered this was actually with another woman (who is into drugs quite a lot, speed and coke)
I found out yesterday she is also pregnant.
Financially…I earn approx £45k a year; he earns approx half.
We were living together for 4 years, the last year of which was in a house purchased while we were together (the previous house we lived in I purchased before he moved in)
Everything is and always has been in my name, the house deposit, mortgage, all bills, credit cards etc. We have no joint accounts.
Money was paid to me for bills, however always in cash and not every week as agreed.
Also there was a car purchased for him on my credit card (3k) which was meant to be paid for via a cheque (wedding present from his dad) that he ripped up before I had a chance to cash it. I’m now paying for his car, although it is in my name.
I had suggested that I keep paying for his car, and he walks away as a financial agreement….however the woman he is now with is well known for being a medium level drug user and very interested in money.
I’m now concerned that everything I’ve worked very hard for all my life is at stake.
With it being such a short marriage….what would happen if he wanted the courts to decide on finances? Is he likely to be able to claim anything from me etc?
Thank you in advance!


    Although you were only married for a short time, the court will take into account the four years that you cohabited immediately prior to marriage. Your ex may well have some financial claims – especially if he can prove he has need of financial assistance, but you will need to each do a financial disclosure (that’s a list of your assets, debts, income, and pensions) to receive detailed advice. Why don’t you book a free call and we will be happy to talk things through with you.

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