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Selling before separation?

We'd like an amicable separation and divorce after 21 years of marriage. Children are 19 and 17yrs. We've discussed dividing all assets fairly with me getting just a little more as I'll probably have kids more and need a bit more space. We have both had inheritances that we put into the property, with me putting in more and he's kept a larger sum back in savings. I earn considerably less than my husband, by about 10 times and so things will be very tough. We're happy to sell now to start our new lives and do things legally later on. He's happy to pay some maintenance for few years until I'm more sorted. We're ok to do this by ourselves, but have been advised this is not wise - why is that?


    Hi Deb, thanks for your message. To protect yourselves, you should get a consent order. A consent order is the only document that'll make your financial arrangements legally binding. Without it, you can both change your mind about your current arrangements at any point. If you'd like to talk through your options with one of our experts then please book a 15-minute call here.

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