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Restraining Order - seriously affecting chances of amicable divorce

My husband was successful in having a restraining order taken out against me following a serious argument. I cannot contact him about anything directly or indirectly with the exception of arranging child contact and progressing the divorce through solicitors. I can't afford to challenge the decision in the magistrate's court at the moment. The impact of the order is really disproportionate and making the divorce costs really expensive for me. I am no risk to my husband. I was made temporarily homeless by the court decision as I am not allowed within 100 metres of the property. The children have stayed with him which was always his intention. Any thoughts on how I can help my husband see that it would be in both our interests for him to apply to the court to amend or cancel the order?


    Hi Lydia, I'm sorry to hear you're going through a difficult time. Unfortunately, all we can advise is for you to raise your objections through your lawyer.

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