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Pride vs practicality vs fairness

Hi I’m due to marry someone who owes the equity (in divorce agreement) to his ex. My question is has anyone been through this before as this has been dragging on for five years now with no effort from his ex to save any deposit to buy the house off him (which was just in his name) also each month she (who has since remarried) is gaining equity in that property as its on a repayment mortgage.
I’m having a real issue in communicating my concerns to him as he has kids (and more complications) wrapped up in this but I’m seriously concerned for my future especially as I own my own property.
As far as I’m aware they had a clean break divorce but it still doesn’t seem fair that their divorce was based on an agreed sum at the time which is now 5 years out of date and still where she’s gaining equity in a property.
Thanks in advance for your comments


    Hi Gina - thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear about your situation. It is very difficult to help on this one as we would need to understand what's happened so far on the legal front. I appreciate that this isn't very helpful so apologies. If your partner would like to call us to get some free advice then please do pass on our number as we'd be happy to speak to him - 0203 004 4695.

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