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Petition for a divorce: what to mention and what to NOT mention

I am going through a complicated divorce, well.. quite amicable as husband don't want trouble but under the category of "unreasonable behaviour". A Lawyer I met recently told me: do not mention children or money on a divorce if you don't what to get in trouble. She explained to me regarding the kids, but it wasn't clear why I should not mention anything regarding money.
In my case, husband has been having an affair while transferring almost half of his salary to a woman abroad for a year. This made the family budget very tight, and I was blamed for spending too much on food, and made to cut down on family projects and trips to the detriment of the family’s quality of life. When letters from the bank were received warning about unexpected big bank transfers, my husband was led to believe they were sent it in error. The lawyer suggest me not to mention all the money he sent. I want to know why! is he going to get in trouble? I am still a full time mum at home as we have very small children. Many thanks.


    Hi Alice, Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear you're going through a difficult time. I am not sure why a lawyer would say that. If you are referring to what you can mention in the behaviour statement, you should refer to this blog as it lists some examples that are commonly used. You do not have to give lots of specific detail in your statement. The divorce paperwork is also separate from your financial settlement, so you should also get a consent order to protect yourself financially and to legalise any arrangement you have made in respect to your family money. Please feel free to get in touch for more advice.

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