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Need Help: Explaining reason of divorce to my 5 year old son

I am a female Muslim and divorced with mutual consent when my son was 2 year old. Reason being, we never had sound relation which broke when he was not supportive and not ready to handle child responsibilities.
Now he is 5 and I would like to share him the reason for divorce. I know he is very small to understand but i want to satisfy his curiosity, slowly and gradually that why his dad is not staying with him. He is in Sr. KG and many times asked to explain my family. I understand that he has to face such situations when he grows up and mingles with school mates.
Therefore, I would like to ask in what way and what I should explain to my child so there is no issues related to his mental health and he remains happy. Also I would not like to say negative things about his dad.
Please guide.
Thanks a lot.


    Dear Maazre, thanks for getting in touch – we get asked this a lot. Parents are concerned to give their children an understanding of what’s gone on to help them cope with the divorce or separation. Its natural to want to explain things to your son but its very important to find a child-friendly explanation, that doesn’t blame the other parent or paint you as ‘the victim’. Our divorce coaches offer one to one coaching sessions to help you come up with the right words and deal with any tricky questions that children love to ask. You can book a session here or read our blog on talking to children about divorce.

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