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Married abroad

I married my wife in her home country of Pakistan.
Does that make any difference to a divorce here?
The relationship has broken down and is very complex but it involves adultery. Does adultery have to be proved as I dont think she would admit it.


    Hi Rodger, thank you for your message.

    In order to file for divorce using the courts in England and Wales, one of you needs to be permanently living or domiciled in England or Wales. To start your divorce, you will need an original copy of the marriage certificate, in English.

    You will also need to choose on of the five reasons for divorce: five years separation, two years separation, desertion, adultery or behaviour. You can read more about these reasons here.

    If your wife isn't going to admit to adultery then you may want to use one of the other reasons listed above. If you decide to use behaviour, it's important you approach this in the right way. Read our guide on staying amicableor book a free 15 minute call with an amicable expert here.

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