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Interim measure - does he have to pay?

My husband and I are getting a divorce, and are currently going through mediation. We are toying with the idea of selling the house in 2 years. In the interim, I will live there. My husband has a job in Barbados so has no need to live here. I earn £1200 a month, he earns £5000 (and gets a separate package for his cost of living and car). Our total Outgoings (mortgage and bills) is around £2000. He is agreeing to pay half towards the mortgage, car and council tax meaning he pays £700. The remaining is therefore £1400. I earn £1200 so we are in a £200 deficit. Should my husband pay that as well as extra in order for me to have money for cost of living?


    Hi Faye, thank you for the message. The starting point for your financial split is 50/50 of all your assets and debts, therefore without understanding the full financial picutre and the dynamics between you it's difficult to help. It's always easier if you're able to call us on 0203 004 4695 or book a call here.

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