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How to split the assets?

My husband had an affair last year and moved out after 18 years of marriage. We have three children, all dependant. We have managed to sort out child care arrangements and he currently pays me maintenance. He also still pays his share of the mortgage.
However, he is now saying his struggling to make all the monthly payments. We both want to sort out the finances amicably, however I do truly feel that it should not be a 50-50 split. I am the main carer for the children and it has been me throughout the whole marriage that has saved trying to plan for the future. He has taken all my dreams away. We both have good salaries currently.
1. What could be the solution with the house?
2. What split should I go for?

Really appreciate your help.


    Hi Lyndsay, thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear you're going through a difficult time. It's really difficult to answer the above without speaking to you direct, so if you don't mind can you call us on 0203 004 4695 or book a call here so we can give you more bespoke information?

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