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Hi I split with my husband last summer, house has been for sale for almost a year with less than 10 viewings, have changed estate agent & reduced price a couple of times but he is refusing to reduce again – stuck in this – what can i do?


    Thanks for your question. Assuming you own the house jointly, your best option is to try and negotiate with your ex. To do this successfully means understanding what his concerns are and why he doesn’t want to reduce the price further. If it’s tricky to talk to him without things turning argumentative then you might want to try having third-party help such as mediation or using our divorce coaching service.

    Our coaches can help you layout your options and make a plan to get things moving. Alternatively, you can start divorce proceedings and ask the court to settle your finances for you. This may include a judge making an order for sale (at a reduced price) or giving one you sole conduct of the sale, which would allow you to make the decision in isolation. This is a very expensive way of sorting things so negotiating is a much better first step.

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