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Hi all,
My name is Kath and I NEED a divorce but I don't think I can afford it by the usual channels. He holds access to our finances, stupid I know! I have some cash out aside, not a huge amount though.
I came across this site and it looks like it could be what I need. They offer a range of different packages.

I've done some research on the attorney who runs it and he seems legit and reputable.

Does anyone else have experience using this system?


    Hi Kath83 - thanks for your message. It looks like this is a US site, amicable can only help if you or your ex are based in England or Wales, sorry! We do have a free app that may help though, it won't generate the legal documents you will need but it's a great tool to help you manage, communicate and store essential divorce information with your ex. Maybe someone in the US will be able to help you with recommended services

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