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financial disclosure for consent order

To complete an application for a consent order, do you still need to fill in the complete financial disclosure form? Or is there a way just to keep it simple and get something legally binding where both parties just agree to keep what is/was theirs?


    Hi Emily, thank you for your message. In order to get a consent order through the courts in England and Wales, you will need to complete a Statement of Information or D81 – this is a snapshot of your current financial position. You can't legalise your financial arrangements or end the possibility of claims against each other in the future without disclosing your finances as the judge will need to ensure that the agreement is fair to both people.

    If you'd like to talk this through consent orders and your unique situation in more detail, please feel free to call the office on 0203 004 4695 or book a free 15 minute call here.

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