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Ex wife stalling the divorce process

Hi it’s on behalf of my fiancé. He is married and going through divorce process with his ex wife. They were married for just under 3 years and have a 2 year old son. The divorce proceedings started February 2018 with the ex wife as petitioner. Decree nisi was granted 30th November but now his ex has put a stay in the absolute until finances are sorted. There are no assests or marital property to split just child maintenance which m fiance has always paid. We have booked our wedding for April 2020 and I'm very worried this won't be sorted before then. My fiance has asked to do a consent order to put down child maintenance and she is stalling evetythibg. We have a 4 month old son together. Is there a way he can speed this process up. Regards


    Hi Kelly, it could be that there are other reasons why is she is stalling, is the child maintenance a figure they are both happy with? Or do you think she is stalling because she isn’t happy with the current figure your ex is offering, or maybe there’s something else? Have they sorted the legal paperwork themselves up until this point or have lawyers been involved? To give your partner proper advice, we would need more information therefore please call the office on 0203 004 4695 and book in for a free advice call here. The reality is even after the It's also important to know that your partner can apply for the Absolute himself too (three months after the earliest date the petitioner could apply) so if Nisi was 30th Nov then his wife could apply for absolute Saturday 12th Jan 2019, which means he can apply himself from mid-April onwards.

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