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Ex husband refusing to have anything to do with kids. 50/50 asset split fair?

My ex husband has messed about with regard to seeing our children for the past 2 years since I left him. I had to leave the marital home with the children as he became abusive and wouldn't leave. I rented a house but also had to pay half the mortgage on our house. I spent £4000 in total until the house was sold. I was not asked if I wanted or offered any of our house contents. He sold or kept everything.
I have since had to involve the police on more than one occasion which has resulted in me having to get a non-molestation order against him.
Since the court order, he has now decided to concentrate on his relationship with his girlfriend and her daughter and no longer have anything to do with his children. He has reduced his monthly payments (I have now involved the CMS).
I offered a settlement late last year, after making an application to court I decided to have one more try and resolving this out of court. I had a counter offer because he has £5k of personal debts to pay off. My offer for settlement is for 50%.
Though now that he is no longer having contact with the children, how likely is a judge to award him 50% or the assets. He earns quite a bit more than me, but I do have some savings (accrued post separation due to a work issue). I am concerned that if this goes to court, I could end up worse off than if I just accept his offer of (less than) 50%.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi Delbel, I'm so sorry to hear you're in this situation. Based on the information above, we wouldn't be able to help and recommend you seek advice from a lawyer / solicitor. I would recommend visiting

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