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We don't want to go to court but aren't agreeing on everything – can we still use amicable's service?

Not sure if you help couples like us… we aren’t agreeing on everything at the moment and want some help. Do you work with couples who don’t agree on absolutely everything? We’ve been trying to work out what’s fair for both of us in relation to how we split our property etc but we keep disagreeing.


    Hi chloec – you can definitely still use amicable. amicable works with both partners to ensure you both hear the same advice and receive support to keep negotiations on track. Lawyers cannot do this because they are not allowed to work with both people and are duty bound by our laws to put the interests of their clients first – creating a win/lose situation. It sounds like our full divorce service might be the best for you as you’ll get expert advice from a Divorce Coach who has been through their own divorce. You will have meetings to work through all the finances with your Divorce Coach and ex and we’ll make whatever is agreed legally binding through a consent order. You can read more about what’s involved here.

    Thank you – I’ll have a look. What exactly is a consent order?

    Hi chloec – a consent order is a legal document that makes your financial arrangements legally binding. It ends the possibility of you or your ex claiming against each other in the future. This is included in the full divorce service I mentioned above.

    ok thank you – doesn’t this happen automatically happen when you get divorced anyway?

    No, strangely not! If you are divorced, you can still make a claim against your ex, or vice versa, in the future.

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