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Divorce spouse unknow address

I want a divorce, I need the court to dispense with service in divorce.
It’s a bit complex for me anyway.
I was married abroad the marriage is legal due to EEA 6 month family permit. So I have to go trough Uk court for divorce.
My partner had made false allegation against me the case has dropped no evidence plus she took her false allegation back in hope of coming back in my life.
Due to the false allegation I want to divorce based on unacceptable behaviour.
I didn’t had any communication from her for months, I had no idea where she was, she just tried contacting me via phone. As for her address it is unknow to me, the solicitor I consulted used and tracing agent but we still could not find any info at all. Obviously I had tried contacting relative of her no answer, I’m not acquainted with any address for the relatives either.
Now my question is are the ground for divorce satisfactory for the court?
When I communicated she made it clear that she don’t want the divorce, I think she just used me to get in UK.
However I am just looking for guidelines, how to prove to court that I made all took all the necessary steps to find her, keeping in mind the history of our marriage breakdown just after 1year and 1 month of marriage and 9 months of living together.


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