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Divorce finance settlement.

I am now divorced. However currently arguing with ex over settlement. We have 5 houses (Rentals). Earn about the same (Net). Have 1 child (9) who lives with her. My pension is 175k hers is 30k. I work full time she works part time but earns similar money. Family home is rented. She wants 4 out of 5 houses. Half my pension and spousal maintenance. I offered 3 houses. Giving her £1300 a month after mortgages are paid. 65k equity and 15k cash. I get 2 houses, half pension and 75k equity. I pay £400 a month for child to her. Solicitors are involved and meditation is a none starter. What is she likely to get. And is my offer more than fair from the vast experience out there.....


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