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Divorce after 4 years seperation

we have been separated for 4 years and have already dealt with the finances. We share custody of our son and he spends half the week with me and the other with Dad and this works well. Will the divorce be quite simple. My Ex is a very difficult man and I am worried he is going to make things difficult even though he is asking me to sort the divorce as I left him


    Hi Nicola, thanks for your message. There are five reasons you can use to divorce in England and Wales; desertion, adultery, unreasonable behaviour, five years separation (only one person has to agree) and two years separation (both of you must agree). So you can either use two years separation if he agrees or if you're worried you can wait until the five year mark. It sounds like all is okay with the childcare, which is great. In regards to your finances, you should seriously consider if you want to end your financial relationship too (the divorce alone doesn't do this). If you'd like to severe your financial ties and end the possibility of future claims then you'll need to get a consent order sorted which involves giving the courts a snapshot of your current finances. If you are still worried about the process then please get in touch with us and we'll talk to you on the phone (0203 004 4695).

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