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Division of assets

My partner and I have agreed to divorce after a marriage of just over 4 years. We have reached an amicable agreement on division of assets that we both are happy with. My partner has a business that he is unwilling to disclose details of, but is happy for 100% proceeds of the sale of our house to go to me. We have separate bank accounts and any assets in them will stay with the account holder. Outstanding finance on my car will be my responsibility. We have no dependents and crave a straightforward and swift conclusion. We both find this agreement acceptable and wish to formalise it before proceeding. What is our best course of action?


    Hi Milly - thanks for getting in touch. You'll need to start divorce proceedings to end your marriage and get a consent order to end your financial ties. You will both need to give a snapshot of your current finances to the court (assets and debts), which means your ex will need to share any business assets etc. If the judge does not have the full picture in regards to your finances, they will not be able to make a fair decision on the proposed split. It's also worth noting that anything that isn't included in the consent order is open to being claimed on in the future. I hope this is helpful, amicable offers free 15-minute advice calls. If you'd like to talk through your options with one of our experts then please do get in touch.

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