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Complex financials

Hello - I am, and always have been, the main provider in our family - my husband has his own business but is now struggling to support himself since we have separated and he moved out (he is currently renting as we go through mediation etc).

He has not paid me any child maintenance since since we separated and indeed has never paid anything towards our 2 children's nursery/ after-school care costs etc. I think he is going to try and get me to pay him a spousal allowance AND/OR insist that he gets a higher split of equity from our family home (where I am still living)... I feel this is really unfair as I have always hated what I have done for work but have been stuck doing it as I was (and am) the main provider, whilst I supported him re-training etc etc.

Furthermore, he has very wealthy parents and is set to inherit vast amounts of money in the future and I don't have this kind of support coming my way. I know you can't think about things like future inheritances but it just all adds to me feeling like the whole situation is extremely unfair. I know the law would support a spouse if they been the main care giver of the children but what happens in this instance (ie both spouses have been working but one is main provider)?


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