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Clean break order. What to include

We seperated 2 years ago and sold the house. The ex wife has the 2 children so we split the proceeds 60/40 in her favour. She kept everything in the house and the car. I was the higher earner hence she should have got more than me and so she did. We are both happy with this, we agreed everything on seperation and we are both happy. Do I need to put the house profit split in the clean break order or as the money has all long gone on us both setting up new homes do we leave it off? The decree absolute is coming up in a few weeks


    Hi Bob, thank you for the message.

    You will need to complete the statement of information to show what your financial positions are now (not two years ago). You can include an explaination what you did two years ago to give the judge more context.

    The clean break consent order will simply dismiss all your claims against each other and not mention what happened with the house.

    amicable can help you with either a clean break consent order or a full consent order (includes details of the transfers etc). Please call us on 0203 004 4695 if you'd like us to help you with either process.

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