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my pension fund have given me a cetv figure of £160000 for 33 years and a £53000 for the period of my second marriage 13 years. there is a house with £60000 equity in it .as my pension was subject to off setting in my first divorce , will the court deport form a 50/50 starting point and ring fence the 20 year period i paid in the pension before i married my second wife and just use the £53000 in the division ,if not what percentage on the £160000 cetv will be used .thanks steve

53000 ctev for the


    Hi Steve – thanks for getting in touch. If you are negotiating with your wife then it would be reasonable to ring-fence out the amount of pension accrued prior to the marriage. A court will however look at the overall respective positions for both you and your wife. So, for example, what pension she will be left with, what other asset she has. You will need a full disclosure of each other’s assets in order to get advice on what’s reasonable overall. You can book a one hour divorce coaching session with amicable to receive advice about your personal situation.

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