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Can Decree Absolute come through without sorting Financials if Court decides on Financial

Hi would like to know if the Decree Absolute will be made and finalized by the courts before they the judge decides on the Financials if we have opted for the Courts to Decide on Financials? And if I am in the country and cannot attend for when the financial hearing is, will I be excused or would I need a be represented by a solicitor?


    Hi Violet, in short, you can either get a consent order (sometimes called a financial order) finalised at the same time as your divorce or after the divorce (when you receive the Decree Absolute certificate). Re going to the court whilst you're abroad, they may be able to speak with you by the phone (this is a very recent addition to the court process). I hope this is helpful - feel free to call us on 0203 004 4695 if you need clarification.

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