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Best to split assets how we've agreed before starting divroce?

My husband and I have agreed to separate and divorce and are in full agreement over how to split our assets and childcare. I will be retaining a higher proportion of 'joint' assets because I have put in more of my own savings and parent's savings over the years.

A solicitor indicated that our current plan on how to settle finances would be considered 'weak' as my husband would effectively receive much less than 50%, even though we're both agreed he'll get 50% of the house he's paid into and our jointly saved cash which we both consider fair.

I am now wondering is it better to split our finances and 'separate' before filing for divorce? i.e. Remove his name from the property deeds and put into his name the amount we've agreed he's entitled to?

Would this allow him to buy a house without it being seen as a second home and therefore incurr higher stamp duty?

Would this mean I can avoid paying stamp duty if we remove him from the house deeds before we officially separate?

Not sure what order to do things in or how to proceed!
Very confusing!


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