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2yr separation advice

Just wanted to know how to file for 2 year separation under same roof for financial reasons and two children to look after...costs and paperwork involved please?


    Hi S.Hill - in answer to your question, if you both a agree to the divorce and agree that the marriage was over two years ago then you can use this as a reason to divorce. It's okay if you were living under the same roof because of childcare and financial constraints. You just can't have been sleeping together, socialising etc within this time frame. The costs involved are the court fees to divorce (£550), although sometimes the government allows you to get a discount on these, find out more here. You will also need to decide if you'd like someone to manage the divorce process for you. As an example, amicable charges £300 to manage a divorce from start to finish. I hope this makes sense, please call us on 0203 004 4695 or book a call if you'd like any more guidance.

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