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Screenshot of the amicable co-parenting app
Introducing the amicable co-parenting app

amicable just launched a brand new app to support couples with parenting after a divorce or separation. [...]

financial settlement in divorce
Divorce Financial Settlement | FAQs - Everything You Need to Know

The financial side of divorcing and legalising what has been agreed is sometimes called a divorce financial settlement. Here's everything you need to know about the financial settlement or arrangement (or the consent order as it's commonly known)... [...]

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Why should you use an online Divorce Coach

Divorce ranks as one of the most stressful things you can go through in life, with emotions running high and often lots of issues to work through and decisions to make, it is important to have the right support and advice. Many people have turned to divor [...]

quick divorce spelt with wooden blocks
How do you get a quick and simple divorce? Read amicable's tips on how to speed up your divorce process.

In this post, we're going to explain how quickly it's possible to get a divorce. You'll find out exactly what you and your ex can do to ensure you're not slowing the process down for the fastest feasible divorce. [...]

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Divorces rates in the UK (England and Wales) 2018/2019

The Office for National statistics released new data on divorcing couples in 2018. We’ve summarised the main points below and offered some comments too based on what we experienced as a divorce services company. [...]

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Wills and Divorce - A Quick Guide on How Splitting Up Affects Your Will

If you’re mid-divorce, or post-divorce, you may well feel like you’d rather not see another legal document right now. But when it comes to your last will and testament, there’s no better time to get things sorted. It’s not even that expensive, or difficul [...]

The Divorce Podcast
The Divorce Podcast

Introducing, the Divorce Podcast, hosted by amicable's Co-founder Kate Daly. The podcast aims to address divorce in the UK, countering the often sensationalist way it is portrayed in the media, challenging the status quo, and driving for reform. [...]

One way sign fallen off sign post
Why we need to disrupt the family law sector

There’s a genuine problem with the way family law works in this country, and the impact it has on divorcing and separating couples and their families – so why has there been so little disruption? […] [...]

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Financial separation when you legally separate

Save time, energy and money by considering the principals for financial separation before the details bog you down. What is financial separation? Financial separation is agreeing with your ex how to split your property or financial […] [...]

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How long does a divorce take in the UK?

I’m frequently asked the question, how long does it take to get divorced? the simple answer is many months. I imagine if you’re the instigator of the divorce this isn’t what you want to hear. […] [...]

National Technology Awards 2017 Shortlist logo
amicable is announced as National Technology Awards finalist

Innovation of the year Press Release:amicable has been shortlisted for the Innovation of the year, in the National Technology Awards. The legal services disruptor, has been nominated for their ground-breaking app helping divorcing and separating couples [ [...]

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How to use two years separation as the grounds for divorce

In this blog, I’ll be covering what you need to know if you are going to ‘rely’ the on two years separation grounds for divorce. Unfortunately, ‘no-fault divorce’ is not an option in English and […] [...]

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3 reasons why NOT use amicable’s divorce services

Posting a blog on reasons not to use amicable’s divorce services may seem odd. But there’s a good reason why. Since amicable launched, we’ve found that there are a three main worries couples face when considering […] [...]

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Grounds for Divorce – Adultery (What you need to know)

In English and Welsh law adultery can be used as a ‘fact’ for the Grounds for Divorce if you want to prove that your marriage has broken down. There are five facts or reasons to ‘rely’ […] [...]

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How to use desertion as the grounds for divorce in England and Wales

What does ‘desertion’ mean when it comes to divorce? Desertion in English and Welsh law is defined as one person in the marriage deserting the other for a continuous period of at least two years. […] [...]

Shadow of child holding hands with parents
How to use examples of unreasonable behaviour to divorce your partner

We do not have ‘no-fault divorce’ in England and Wales which means, one person has to divorce the other, turning the process into a blame game. This can cause unnecessary acrimony at times of high […] [...]

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Divorce statistics 2016

Latest stats from the Office of National Statistics reveal divorce rates in 2016 have increased for the first time in five years. There were 106,959 opposite-sex divorces in 2016, an increase of 5.8% compared with […] [...]

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Grayson Perry’s new Channel 4 documentary and how to get involved

amicable is working with Channel4 on a ground-breaking new documentary series with Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry. Grayson would like to speak to couples in the process of establishing new lives after a separation, with […] [...]

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amicable raises angel investment in order to help more couples to separate amicably

amicable is delighted to announce that we have successfully secured £472,260 from a remarkable group of angel investors. Since launching to customers in January 2017, we have been amazed by the number of couples who […] [...]

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Does divorce effect your mental health?

Divorce and separation is an emotional journey with legal and financial consequences. Whilst the legal and financial processes are usually well considered, the emotional journey is often neglected. If you’ve been through a divorce, you’ve […] [...]