How Amicable Works | amicable divorce
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How amicable works

Using the amicable divorce service

What is the amicable divorce service?
Who can use the divorce service?
Can I make arrangements for children as well as finances with amicable?
What if the relationship with my partner isn't amicable?
Is amicable a law firm?

Time and costs

How long does an amicable divorce take?
What does an amicable divorce cost?
Is an amicable divorce cheaper than other ways of separating?
Are there any other costs to pay?
What if I change my mind?

Your divorce coach

What is an amicable divorce coach?
Will our divorce coach give us legal advice?
Is our divorce coach a mediator?
How will we communicate with our divorce coach?


What is arbitration?
Why would I need to use arbitration?
How does amicable's arbitration service work?
How much does arbitration cost?

Using the amicable app

What is the amicable app?
Who can use the amicable app?
How do I register my partner?

Security and data

Why do you need a PIN to access the amicable app?
Can I get hold of the data I have entered in the app?
Can I use the amicable app if I’m based outside the UK?